Contact Center Features

All the features you need to streamline your agents-to-customers omnichannel communication, in one self-provisioned, easy to manage, automated Contact Center.

Incoming communication

Automate, manage and enhance your customer’s inbound activity.

Preview Dialer

Review customers’ details before communicating with them to shorten call and improve your service.

Call Recording

Maintain high-quality standards of customer services through the call center software’s call recording facility.

Automatic Call Distribution (“ACD”)

Distribute your incoming calls among available agents using specific pre-defined strategies.


Set up an optional call back option to reduce calls queues or set up a callback reminder for sales and follow ups.

Multiple Locations

Easily route calls to agents at another or remote locations.

Multi Level IVR

A flexible “Drag-and-Drop” Call flow manager that helps with routing customer to the right agent using advanced (but easy to build) Multi-Level IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and Auto Attendants.

Skill-Based Mapping

Transfer the calls to specific agent based on predefined skills, respective department or specific team, based on your routing rules.

Agent Scripts

Scripts that are pre-defined according to the call analysis.

Accumulate Customer Feedback

Set up feedback questions and get better customer responses compared to emails & SMS.

Customer outreach

Automate, manage and enhance your agents’ outbound activity.

Predictive Dialer

Let the dialer efficiently place calls to the customers for the agents so they can focus on assisting customers in a better way.

One Click Dialing

Make it easier for your agents to contact your customers instead of wasting time on finding and rekeying phone numbers.

Agent Scripts

Equip your agents with scripts that are built in to the system or the specific outgoing campaign.

Call Disposition

Tag your call outcome for better tracking and monitoring purposes.

Call Scheduling

Allow your agents to schedule calls, set reminders and track their progress.

Idle Time Filter

Filter out unprolific calls such as answering machines or busy tones guarantees high call connections while reducing agent idle time.

Preview Dialer

Review customers’ details before communicating with them to personalize the reach out and improve your service.

Automatic Voicemail

Leave a recorded voicemail to save your agent’s time and avoid any mistakes.

Dynamic Caller ID

Set a dynamic caller ID based on the contacts location.

General Operations Feature

Run a smooth, efficient and productive call center.

Browser Based

No installations are required. The system is easy to use and simple to operate.

Auto Dialer

Fully customizable and flexible automation capabilities for call flow, greetings, IVR input and much more.

AI Driven Quality Analysis

Automatically rank the agents based on their voice tone, Language Proficiency, quality of query resolution or any predefined ranking criteria for agents.

CRM Integration

Fully integrated to your CRM to enhance the experience and improve productivity.


Converse with customers and deliver best assistance to them through the highly secured system.

Real Time Analytics and Reports

Monitor and analyze agent performance to boost productivity. Out platform offers various custom reports.

Intelligent Connector

Ensure higher connection rates with a predictive dialing algorithm that automatically and intelligently tweaks the connection strategy.

Management Dashboard

Get a real time overview of your contact center, generate reports and gain important insights.

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