Plans, pricing and billing

There are zero upfront costs, as well as opportunities for savings.

You can upgrade at any time.

Features and capabilities

Yes. Our call reporting tool populates both pre-configured and customized reports.

Of course. OneUC customer portal allows you to easily adjust the number of users as needed at any point in time.

Yes. We take pride in the quality and stability of our network, however, we made sure to back you up. In case of any fault or service issues, you will receive an immediate notification, both to your phone and to your customer portal.

With multiple reports at your fingertips, you will have access to vital contact center metrics, performance data and other KPIs that you need to assess and review in order to make informed decisions.

It’s as simple as it should be. Our web interface simplifies complex tasks into easy to understand “apps”. Call routing, auto attendants, and user management, are all handled with just a few clicks.

Our Cloud Contact Center Solution rolls up voice, chat and email queues into a single streamlined omnichannel experience.

As simple as it should be. Our customer portal allows you to update and control your phone system and CCC Solution in real time from any internet enabled device. Our cloud-based system eliminates the need for bulky hardware and allows you to easily adjust and expand, at scale.

All new features are seamlessly added to your system with zero interruptions to your daily operations. We’ll update you about these new features in your client portal.

Operating 24/7, Cloud-based systems are stored in multiple regional and international datacenters that offer redundancy and survivability should an outage occur. This paired with our proprietary network ensures maximum uptime.

Sure! You can add additional numbers to support your requirements. Check out the packages descriptions and add-on options on our website.

We understand the importance of helping you keep your old number and we will back it up! We will port the number to our system using either a porting tool or by competing LOA. The process is seamless and safe and by the end of it you get to keep your number.

As much as we hate to see you go, we will surely facilitate the transition of your number(s). You will start the porting process with your new carrier, they will send us a request and we will verify the information and release the number. Note - it is important to perform the port out before the expiration of service, as the number may get into “quarantine” and won’t be available for porting.

That’s what unified communication is all about! You run the business, you make the calls (literally). From a simple call forward to a “find me/ follow me” functionality - choose your preferred option, define your strategy, and simply adjust it when needed.

What would you like to see? It’s totally up to you; office number or original calling party number both available.

Old school - dial in;

New school - receive voice mail by email;

Gen Z - voice to mail transcription, in which case you are getting email with the transcribed voice mail.

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OneUC seamlessly integrates with MS-Teams within minutes and allows you to use your own phone number (DID) for both internal and external phone calls. Our super-simple integration means your teams can keep collaborating, while you’re scaling your communication infrastructure.

Yes - OneUC provides and develops API interfaces, enabling applications to exchange data and functionalities easily and securely.

Communication Devices

We offer both hardware and software communication devices and let you choose the best solution for you and your teams Your remote, and on-premise users, can either use an IP phone, a Softphone, or both! OneUC softphone fully supports MS-Winodws, iOS, and Android devices.


You tell us! With OneUC, you can decide your contract term or simply use a monthly package.

Oui. :)

Start communicating, simply