Cloud Communication System Features

Enable customers and employees to simply communicate.


Seamlessly transition between different channels, users, and devices.

Call Transfer and Forwarding

Bump, redirect or forward incoming calls to an alternate number.

Online Operator Console

A centralized overview of calling activities, including call management.


Allow users to exchange personal voice messages, and to select and deliver voice information.


Allow senders to use a traditional fax machine, which is then converted into a PDF and sent as an email attachment.

Personal Parking

Hold and transfer calls between private extensions (e.g., executives and their assistants).

Find Me / Follow Me

Receive calls at any location on any device.


Allow employees to share IP phones while using their own extension numbers.


Receive voicemail messages in your email inbox with call details and an audio file of the message.

Call Parking

Place a call on hold on one device and continue the conversation from another device.

Productivity and Efficiency

Save time and money without compromising quality.


Digital dialing saves time on each and every call.

Cross-Site Extension Dialing

Segregate multiple locations into different accounts and enable extension dialing between sites.

Call Logs

Call logs provide a detailed record of inbound and outbound calls.

Call Detail Records (CDRs)

CDRs provide metadata from inbound and outbound calls and messages.

Extension Dialing

Allow internal and external callers to quickly contact specific individuals or groups.


Convert text into human-like speech that can be used for voicemail and auto attendant greetings.


Reach the right person, at the right time.

Time-of-Day Routing

Route calls to different destinations depending on the time of day.

One-Touch Phone Set Up

Easily assign, program, and apply configurations to an IP phone.


Play recorded music to callers who have been placed on hold.

Presence / BLF Key

Allow users to see the status of other users (only available with supported phones).

Dial-by-Name Directory

Reach the right person without going through an operator.

Voicemail Transcription (English Only)

Transcribe your voicemail into readable text.

Custom Recordings

Upload pre-recorded media files or record straight from your device to be used with voicemail and auto attendants.

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